Thursday, March 20, 2014

Life is Not A Movie


Postingan kali ini kurang lebih sama lah sama yang udah udah. Curhat. Ya abis gimana dong, gue ga punya duit buat beli buku diary yang pake gembok :(

Gue baru balik dari kampus abis kelas jam 7.30 tadi. Gue baru sadar, siklus perkuliahan gue dari semester 1 tuh gitu gitu aja: dateng, duduk, makan, pulang. Pulang dari kampus kemana? Ke sekre. Emang ga setiap hari ke sekre sih tapi ya kurang lebih begitu lah.

Bosen banget kaaaaan?

Ga ada gitu cowo ganteng yang ketemu di jalan trus nabrak gue pake mobil mahal nya yang dua pintu trus kita kenalan? Atau yang nabrak gue pake badan macho nya trus nangkep gue sambil tatap-tatapan? Ga ada banget? Oh! Gue tau, pasti karna gue ga pake baju mini dan ga ngiket rambut miring 50 derajat. Atau karna muka gue kurang planga-plongo kaya Alyssa Subandono? Atau...*mega sigh* Hidup gue kalo dipikir-pikir emang monoton banget. Ga seru kalo dijadiin film.

Gue mulai bingung harus nutup tulisan ini kaya apa.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Ayo Vidi, belajar!


(Sebenernya gue tau postingan gue ga ada yang baca selain gue seorang, tapi tetep aja gaya tulisan yang gue post seperti ditujukan untuk konsumsi publik. Gapapa lah ya..)

Kali ini gue mau pake bahasa ibu aja, karena gue sudah terlalu lelah bolak-balik buka kamus terjemahan... #maapinvidiyaowoh

Jadi ceritanya, gue lagi di tengah kesibukan mengerjakan tugas-tugas biadab di semester 4 dan pergejolakan emosi dalam mengatur waktu antara latihan, nugas, dan kongkow. Sebenernya sih gak sibuk-sibuk amat tapi sama gue dibikin ribet aja (that's the problem!). Gue masih belum bisa menerima kenyataan bahwa waktu lenjeh-lenjeh gue di kosan sambil nonton film dan nyemil snack dua ribu-an jadi berkurang. Sedih sih dari kemaren IP turun mulu, tapi gimana dong kan gue udah gitu trus ya padahal udah begini tapi jadinya malah ya salah siapa yaudah deh...

Ngomongin IP (dan IPK), sebenernya gak pernah kepikiran sampe se-gini nya sampai beberapa hari yang lalu gue lagi kongkow di sebuah tempat makan, masih di daerah Jatinenjer nan damai dan sunyi (apalagi kalo diatas jam 10), bareng sepupu gue dan dua orang temannya, sebut saja Dono dan Doni. Di tengah obrolan santai dan canda tawa kita (ni geuleuh) tiba-tiba salah satu diantara mereka nanya,

"IPK lo berapa?"

Gue seketika terkejut. Jantung gue serasa dihujam sebilah pisau tajam yang mengoyak organ dalam gue tanpa ampun #gakdeng. Setelah terdiam sekitar 3 detik gue akhirnya menjawab,

"Em..tiga koma tiga deh kalo gasalah"

I kid you not, gue sok-sok an ga yakin gitu untuk memberikan kesan bahwa IPK gue sebenernya bisa aja lebih besar dari itu, padahal mah gue yakin banget emang IPK terakhir gue segitu. Gue sebelumnya masih nyantai aja sama IPK gue ini sampai pada akhirnya muncul lah percakapan yang diluar dugaan gue,

"bohong tuh orang dia tiga koma lima-an" kata sepupu gue

"ih, itumah semester satu" jawab gue

"kenapa kok turun?" tanya sepupu gue

"gatau deh...bukannya IPK emg cenderung turun ya?" jawab gue. aseli ini teh merujuk pada omongan dosen wali gue pas perwalian.

"ah, ngga kok" saut si Dono

"lo tau gak, IPK gue paling gede tuh pas semester 6 (atau 7, gue lupa), tiga koma enam-an" sambung Dono, ngomong ke Doni

Gue lupa si Doni ngomong apa setelah itu sampai akhirnya dia ngomong,

"pas semester satu sih gue lebih dari itu---IPK gue"

Gue seketika ternganga. Rasanya harga diri gue berceceran di bawah meja. Am I that retarded? adalah reaksi spontan yang terlintas di benak gue. Minder? Jiper? Kicep? totally! Sampai akhirnya sampai lah gue pada sebuah keputusan untuk bener-bener belajar di semester 4 ini.

Sampai disini aja dulu deh curhat kali ini. Gue baru inget gue belum ngerjain tugas terjemahan dan baca mater Prose yang mana due date nya besok. Hell yea, The Power of Deadline.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Can't I become pretty as hell?

Good Evening!

This holiday have been quite a lame holiday, seeing that I only go out with my friends TWICE for this one month holiday. But it's okay. I kinda feel this time is a chance to help my parents at home: I do wash the dishes, clean the floor and the table, iron the clothes, COOK some meals. Ah..the last one is a bit strange to me since I have never cooked any food in the house except instant noodle and egg. Oh, I cook spaghetti some months ago but that one was also in an instant version with instant sauce and all the materials within. This time I cook fried rice, sardines, bakwan jagung, fried rice again. I think I'm ready to be married...

Aside from all of the boredom and the cooking, my mind still cant get rid of this one thing that has been filling up my brain for uncertain, illogical reason. I'm not sure I want to tell you what it is. That's embarrassing. 

Okay I'll tell you. 

My high school friends, all of them, already turned in to an enormous, hot chick I could ever imagine them to be. It's not that I screw them for being hot, but I am here getting darker and skinnier and uglier and darker and uglier.. How can I didn't change a bit in this one year and half? This is not fair. Really really not fair. I have tried to do some exercise in order to make my body looks more appropriate in public places, but what I get is the change in my skin color that turned out to be a lot darker than before. Yea, I do outdoor stuff. I'm exercising by running, sit-ups, push-ups, and other warming up stuffs. I even gained biceps muscle! Hell yea, those muscles just make me look more like a skinny, pansy prostitute.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What up!


Gah, its been quite a long time since my last post last year. First thing first, I want to say Happy New Year! to anyone reading this; although, the euphoria of new year itself is already over but there's nothing wrong in greeting people with such a moment, right? hehe.

So, what's buzzing right now?
I have just finished my third semester in college and you know, the scores are nothing but disappointment. I've been expecting for an increased final score yet what I get is upside down. I know I've been such a mess, for unable to avoid any kind of procrastination coming on my way, so that its not difficult for me to comprehend this failure.
Talking about the previous post 'Soul Brother', I was talking about a guy I met at a movie shop and in the end of the passage I wished I could meet him again, and I DID! I finally meet him again in the movie shop. Our second meeting was not actually a meeting; because, I saw him walking down the room, took a slight look inside and then went away. I can say he didn't even consider I was the girl who was secretly-yet-obviously observing him on June 4th last year. Or he did. And that's why he went away... shit.

I have absolutely nothing to say anymore since there are too many things happened in 6 months I can't even organize it to be written here. In addition, I feel blessed for what I have and what I had. I dont want to be regretful for anything that turn out to be something it's not supposed to.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Soul Brother?

There was something really shocking yet interesting happened on June 4th. So here the story began...

I was accompanying a friend of mine to a movie shop somewhere near our boarding house. I had no business over there so I decided to just sit on a couch and started to operate my phone whatsoever. There was this guy, sitting in front of a computer before me, in his black shirts and blue-gray jeans, with glasses and not-so-long and dense hair, copying some movies into his hp flash disk which is accidentally the same as mine, and I was freakishly happy of that stupid coincidence. There is nothing wrong with the guy except he, again, accidentally has some similarities in physical appearance with someone I used to know the previous day. I couldn’t believe of what I saw, at first. I once got an exact gigantic heart attack inasmuch as I thought he was ‘him’! first, I looked at his left hand, because that is the only one side of his hand I could see, and I thought, “I think I have seen that hand before” which is stupid how can there is just one particular shape of hands in the world? Then I started to glare to the top of his body, his face. No, I couldn't see enough of his face to take a conclusion that he is ‘him’ since he was staring at the computer’s monitor, not at me. But my observation didn’t stop there. I looked at his hair; oh my God it was just like the one ‘he’ got! Maybe 85% of similarity because what ‘he’ got is a little bit darker. Then I started to feel more and more of heart beat. I hardly breathed. This was absolutely addictive. The more I observed, the more amount of bizarre thoughts—that made me feel much more like a professional spy—fulfilled my mind.
I don’t actually know what I’m talking about, but that doesn't really have any significant impacts to the story, so don’t mind it. Back to the story, Gentlemen. Okay, ouch, he glared at me. It looked like he noticed that I was observing him for what must had been a solid minute. I immediately stared at my phone as soon as I saw him looking at me. “What the heck! Please, don’t leave so soon” I said to myself with my thumb swiped over the phone’s screen. Then he looked back at the monitor and started to find other movies to copy. Although I was looking at my phone and looked like I’m busy with something in it, yet I could see him through the very end of my eyes now that he was so close in front of me. I began my observation again. He was devastatingly cute, even cuter than the original I have mentioned—‘he’. I had no idea how was this coming up to my day. This totally made my afternoon!
My friend had just finished with her movies and she stood up then paid the charges. She gave me sort of an eye that said “I’m done. We can go now” and I gave her such a glance that said “are you kidding me? Are you saying that I’m about to leave this super cute guy with my thoughts about him hanging unanswered? Are you fucking out of your mind?” but that all just pretty much useless. I took off my ass of the couch so heavily like I was glued, then I put my bag on my left shoulder and left the shop. I walked down the street with half of me was still sitting on that couch staring at him excitedly and the other was here putting one leg to another while my friend kept talking to me whichever I didn't know what she was saying. Could I stay there just a little bit longer. Or, could I meet him on another day. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just another stuff you need to know

Well, this is for you..